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Learning through Observation


The Farmscape Ecology Program is a small research and outreach program dedicated to exploring the ongoing conversation between human culture and the rural, semi-agricultural landscape of Columbia County.

By describing the past and present consequences of human activity for the landscape, we listen to how the land has responded to our actions. By describing how human culture has lived and now lives upon the land, we try to understand the formative touch of the land on society.

Our goal is to encourage a compassionate public understanding of this continuing dialogue, and then, building on that compassion and knowledge, to facilitate the cultural and ecological relationships which support a healthy, productive future for the County.

We invite you to join in the exploration of Columbia County by browsing the multi-faceted and detailed information offered on our website and by following our local natural history blog. You may notice that in the coming months we’ll be going through a website re-design process, but don’t worry – we’ll be updating and maintaining all of the information as we go.

We also invite you to take advantage of our public programs, internships and volunteer opportunities, informal conversations during our monthly pizza night (open to all the first Thursday of each month, 6 to 8 pm), and to contact us directly with any questions relating to natural history, agriculture, and the food system in Columbia County. We look forward to exploring the nature and culture of Columbia County with you!

The Local Ecology of Human Nature,
The Local Nature of Human Ecology

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